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Air Freight- Express Service

We are a highly focused & extremely capable logistics specialist in Dubai with a global presence & extended agency representation throughout UAE, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, and the Philippines including inward and outward clearance. We also specialize in  Airfreight express services in United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the Philippines has provided us unstinted support, enabling us to widen the scope of our activities.

At EGT Shipping and Clearing Cargo service in Dubai, we provide complete Air freight express service and in addition to freight forwarding, customs services are made available to ease the logistics process for both the domestic and international cargo services in Dubai. Our logistic experts deeply understand our client’s needs, our delicate and responsiveness to changing business needs, our services, and not to mention, our highly affordable prices have made us a name to contend with in the cargo and logistics industry. we offer a wide range of air freight express service solutions in Dubai including Dangerous Goods handling and our services extend to most major countries in the world from Dubai.

Our commercial team from EGT is highly trained and experienced in industry-standard methodologies and executes best-in-class service level standards. Our commitment to each and every customer is to provide the best solution for all your air freight express service to Dubai and Philippines chartering needs ranging from full to split charter flights. EGT Shipping and Clearing provide solutions for bulk express service in Dubai via part or full chartering the aircraft. We also offer dedicated consolidation services to markets like United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the Philippines provide solutions for shipments on ‘Door to Door’, ‘Door to Airport’ and ‘Airport to Airport’ regardless of size or weight of the balikbayan box Dubai. EGT takes care of customs documentation, chartering, working with Terminal Operator, tracking system, Immigration, and other Governmental Departments of Cargo Dubai.

For emergency Air freight express service solutions, EGT Shipping and Clearing provides Charter Air Cargo and Express Cargo Services in Dubai within 24 hours. Our Air Freight express Service in Dubai is expertise in delivering tailor-made solutions to solve your business obstacles, whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial aircraft or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them. We provide air freight express service to customers with the safest and most economical services UAE, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, and the Philippines also operating exterior of Dubai Cargo Village and in brace with all major air carriers.

EGT Shipping and clearing is an IATA-approved air freight express service provider in Dubai, offering all types of air freight handling and delivery services, to captious business points around the globe. Our freight service in Dubai highlights safe handling, competitive rates, and a delivery schedule that matches a client’s demand for every business solution. Our well-efficient Cargo service team at Dubai gives the fastest and the best service to all the consignees, with cause arrival notices, quick allocation of delivery orders, and cargo packing facilities.