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Air Freight – Cargo Service

EGT Shipping and Clearing is among the pioneers in Dubai’s cargo space, offering the Quick and Secure way to deliver goods within the committed delivery time, to any part of the world, with enhanced & cost-effective solutions. Following a systematic framework in the cargo and logistic industry in Dubai, all the procedures are carefully conducted right from storage to the delivery of the cargo. We have an experienced shipping and clearing team that has local knowledge which helps us offer a comprehensive range of services in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, and the Philippines including inward and outward clearance.

We take care of all cargo requirements and documentation, arranging cargo gear and other services on time to satisfy the customers. We are the best cargo service company in Dubai providing the best services at an affordable price. At EGT Shipping and Clearing Cargo service in Dubai, we provide complete logistics solutions and in addition to freight forwarding, customs services are made available to ease the logistics process for both the domestic and international cargo services in Dubai. EGT offers a wide range of cargo service solutions in Dubai including Dangerous Goods handling and our services extend to most major countries in the world. Our commitment to each and every customer is to provide the best solution for all your cargo service to Dubai and Philippines chartering needs ranging from full to split charter flights. EGT Shipping and Clearing provide solutions for bulk air cargo service in Dubai via part or full chartering the aircraft.

Cargo Service in Dubai is a fast-paced, and ever-changing industry that pushes us to be creative and adaptable to offer you the best services. EGT Shipping and Clearing Contribution facilities for Air Cargo service in Dubai from Airport to Door, Door to Airport, Door-to-Door, Export, and Import Handling the Commercial Cargo, Personal effect items like Gold, electronic devices, furniture, medicines, machinery, and the food items. Our EGT Shipping Service in Dubai is expertise in delivering tailor-made solutions to solve your business obstacles, whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial aircraft or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them.

Our cargo services are backed by the expertise of our local teams, applying their every minute of time to the know-how on local conditions to reduce any risk of delays in shipments. Our cargo service highlights safe handling, competitive rates, and a delivery schedule that matches a client’s demand for every business solution. Our well-efficient Cargo service team at Dubai gives the fastest and the best service to all the consignees, with cause arrival notices, quick allocation of delivery orders, and cargo packing facilities. EGT Shipping and Clearing has a well-expert team specializing in cargo service offers on-ground cargo handling, complete import and export documentation, security, customs clearance, and multi-modal transport services. We deal with all kinds of parcels from compact size parcels, multiple forecast cargo loads, pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, furniture, gold, and more.

We have a team of skillful Cargo Service experts ready to assist you with excellent service in ensuring that your goods are arrived on time and in perfect condition. Offering a real-time tracking system for your cargo services and value-added services like consolidation and in-house packing too has made this service all the more relevant today.