Advice for exporters: Should We use a freight forwarder?

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Advice for exporters: Should We use a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders contract with respective carriers – that is, airlines, shipping lines, or haulers – to transport the goods. Usually, a forwarder does not physically move the shipment but acts as an expert in the logistics process. Some freight forwarders have their own vehicles and warehouses, but the predominant model is a non – asset-based freight forwarder who tries to select the best supplier for each leg of the shipment.

A freight forwarder can become an extension of your business in many ways. They can be your outsourced shipping department, adding valuable knowledge and advice to the process of importing and exporting, saving you both time and money.

Typically, a freight forwarder should be able to understand your requirements and identify the best transport option to move the shipment in the required timeframe and at a competitive price.

As well as these core transport services they should be able to offer:

–            Customs clearance

–            All other shipping documentation

–            Insurance

–            Logistics and supply chain management

Along with their expertise in export forms and shipping documentation, many freight forwarders specialize in certain types of shipments. Once the goods are ready for transit, freight forwarders should review all export shipping documents to ensure that everything is in order. The freight forwarders can provide the exporters with various kinds of offers such as follows.

Offering Integrated logistics services

With a large network throughout the world, we present unique offers for freight services in domestic and international courier and cargo services which are backed by the expertise of our local teams, applying their every minute of time to the know-how on local conditions to reduce any risk of delays in shipments.

Your authentic Freight Forwarding partner

They are here to give a reliable freight forwarding service that provides access to information about your package when it travels through the sea because we know it makes you a little bothered not knowing the whereabouts of your package.


Cost-effective and Secure

The demand for your product can accelerate and your brand can be positively affected, setting up your strength as a solid business. In this way, we meet your logistic needs and deliver your cargo before deadlines through Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight, and domestic and international Courier.

Flexible mode of transportation

They enhance both unrivaled diligence and flexibility with customized freight forwarding services. Regardless of how big your shipment is; we have adequate capacity to handle it. Our dedicated experts systematize and plan with the appropriate mode and route, with the capacity to re-access the process if conditions change.

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